Meet The Team - Davey.

Get to know the SalesTier Team, this week we chatted to Davey.

What Do You Do at Salestier?

I‘m the UI guy. As the business grows, I grow our interfaces with it, from wireframe to code, the better to serve existing and future customers. When I put all the other things I do into the mix from UX, to leading designers, and all the other things necessary to keep the ducks flying straight, I came out with the title Product Manager, so I’m going with that. Sure it’s an early startup, I could have picked Lion Tamer and got away with it.

The Best Bit So Far?

It’s interesting to watch how the product handles increasingly large sets of information as our customer base grows. We make the best educated guesses for how to handle things in advance, and the results are either satisfying or slightly entertaining. Being a small agile team means nothing is ever funny-looking for long and it’s nice to solve problems as quickly as we do.

Got a Hobby?

Lately I’m running a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign which is great fun. I like to think my campaign world is wild original but it does in fact feature both dungeons and dragons.

Favourite Tech Nonsense in Fiction?

Hacking an alien spaceship with a printer cable in Independence Day.

If I could wave a magic wand I would be eating _ and drinking _ in _

Eating beef bulgogi and drinking a caipirinha on the west coast of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.


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