Our Story

SalesTier was build based on an identified need in the Industry for better sales visibility. What started out small now encompasses sales analytics, account management and team performance functionality. As a customer first company we build the features and functionality you need to better operate your team and business.

What begun with one distillery in Virginia has grown to other customers across Control and Open States, we can harness a variety of data sources and create a holistic view over your product portfolio nationwide and provide instant data driven decisions directly to your team.

Fact sheet:
  • Supporting Suppliers, Distributors, Brokers & Importers
  • We are an Industry & Non-Industry Team
  • We've processed Millions of Sales Data Points
  • All features are build for the needs of our Customers

Our Journey

SalesTier has come a long way already from humble beginings, but, we have never lost sight of our mission. To build the best software for the Industry and to quote an early adopter "...just make my life easier".

Founded late 2020

SalesTier was founded in late 2020, the pain point suppliers face hit home with our founder who's family manufactures whisky in the US. Starting off with a few lines of code to help process some data turned into what SalesTier is today, a full sales lifecycle management software.

Customer Focused

Our early customers, have helped shape much of the journey to date, product & passion have come together to build something that we can all be proud of. We love hearing about pain points.

Growth, and more Growth

Spurred on by investment, customers and a growing team. We've doubled down adding more suppliers, distributors and importers to the platform. At every step improving the product offering for all.

Ready to see how SalesTier can improve your sales?